Pet Care Rates

We provide care 24/7/365 and we want to care for your pet family. If you sign on for regular weekly services we will consider a discount.

Overnight Care:

  • Overnight care from approximately 10 pm until 7 am for 1 pet $40 and add $5 for each additional pet
  • While in your home plants will be watered, newspaper and mail brought in, shade and lights adjusted, and other basic items included in the rates.

Overnight care rates are for dogs, cats, and birds. If you have outdoor animals that need morning feedings, water, and clean up, this rate will be adjusted to add for that care.

We will provide care for horses, alpacas, geese, ducks, etc. All care other than dogs, cats, and birds will be priced on an individual basis.

Daily walks, play dates, pet sitting visits for dogs and cats:

  • $20 per half hour visit up to 2 pets and add $5 for each additional pet

If we are providing overnight care and you need daytime visits we will work on a 24 hour rate for you if you are gone for 7 or more days.

We provide a new client meeting at no fee to meet you and your animal family. This is the only meeting we will have with no charge.

Paperwork and keys will need to be ready at this meeting or an additional fee will be incurred.

Transport rate $20 per half hour plus 50 cents per mile (similar rate to the IRS mileage reimbursement).

All clients will need to fill out a service contract.  A copy will be provided to you once we have all of the arrangements confirmed for your needs. Special charges will be addressed in this contract for your specific care.  This will also include details about cancellation fees, payment arrangements, and any special charges for your pet care needs.

Service Area

The Westhampton area of the City of Richmond is where we call home. So all around Village Shopping Center, University of Richmond, Willow Lawn, Museum District areas are our neighbors! We would love to meet you and care for your pet family.

  • City of Richmond
  • University of Richmond
  • Willow Lawn
  • Museum District
  • Westover Hills
  • Bon Air

West of our home base area along River Road, Patterson Avenue and branching off of Patterson Avenue over to Nuckols Road (Wyndham area) out to Manakin Sabot to Route 623 (Hockett Road) over to Route 288 (Kinloch area).

This is our main base service area but just ask and we will see if we can provide care in your area.