Dusk To Dawn is owned and operated by Becky Meade.  Allow me to introduce myself.

Growing up with dogs and cats, my main goal after graduating from college with a BBA in Accounting was to get a house and welcome a canine family member and make it a home. My first family member was a black Labrador Retriever puppy, Apollo. Within the year I added a second family member. Mikey, a German Shepherd mix, was rescued at about four months old off the city streets of Richmond, Virginia.  Over the years I worked in the public and private sector in accounting.  Over the years my passion has been caring for animals and that has always been a part of my daily life.

My canine family has been extensive over the years because I have always had a multiple dog family and also because I have been an animal rescuer since the mid 80’s.  When I rescued Mikey I learned that giving a dog a home and love was greatly rewarded by all they gave in return.  Over the years the boys and I opened our home and hearts to save and foster a dog off the streets either near where I lived or worked and found them a loving family.  It just seemed to be a natural part of our lives.  After the passing of Apollo and then Mikey having a home without the pitter patter of doggy feet was unbearable.  I began working with a shelter where I brought a dog into my home and fostered them so they could find a loving family of their own.  Although I am very good at fostering and letting dogs go into a new home this particular effort was a failure and a huge success.  I met a sweet little female dog and thought yes this is the one.  After all, I like large boy dogs.  So taking in a small female dog would be easy to let go to a new family.  Her name was Dawn and they had no idea what breed she might be.  Well, in case you don’t know from the logo, she is a Basenji mix.

So over the years Dawn and I, and so many other canine family members who are all rescues, have welcomed into our home new faces and personalities and fostered them until they found a family of their very own.  And then we founded a small non-profit, ADRATI K9 Rescue, September 2005.   One of our family members came to Richmond from Gulfport, MS in 2005 from the Katrina disaster.  Ben, a Newfoundland, was brought here and then needed to be re-homed so he became a member of our family and the spokes dog for ADRATI K9 Rescue from 2006 until October 2013 when he passed away.

Dusk To Dawn has a lot of experience to offer to you with the care of your pet family.  Although our primary family has been dogs we have rescued, cared for, and found families for a very large variety of animals.  The care and devotion to animals isn’t a job, it is a love, a passion, a commitment, and a privilege.

We hope that you will consider Dusk To Dawn & Beyond Pet Care, LLC for your petsitting needs. Please contact us with questions or to schedule a meeting.