What Dusk To Dawn & Beyond Pet Care Offers

Dog walks, play dates, socialization, special outings, pet sitting, overnights, transportation, basic obedience training, and so much more…love and care when you can’t be there!

Dusk to Dawn offers your pets the comfort of staying in their home environment with someone who will love and care for them like one of our own family members. We offer daily dog walks, pet sitting services, and overnight care in your home. If you have a busy day and just need a walk or play date for your dog or care for other pet family members we can do visits based on your needs. If you are gone for a longer time and need multiple visits we can do any number of daily visits and provide potty breaks, exercise, feeding, medications, and a variety of other services. If you want to include overnight care, we are happy to do that as well. In addition to visits we are available for services including but not limited to transport for appointments for grooming, vet care, or other appointments your pet may need.

Over the course of many years we have cared for puppies to seniors and been with many who have passed over to The Rainbow Bridge. We understand special needs animals as we have cared for many. We have cared for dogs with everything from total hip replacement, knee replacement, spinal surgery, epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, various surgeries, and much more. Having a van which is low to the ground, we can transport dogs and potential other family members for vet care or therapy. We have multiple sized ramps and a vet stretcher and various size kennels to safely provide transport if needed.

We can give medications, insulin injections, fluids, and other special services if needed.

Why Keep your Pets at Home

Leaving your pets at home while you need to be away whether planned or for an emergency will provide comfort for your pets and for you. Whether they are happy and healthy and need playtime in the yard or a nice walk, or if they are young with a health issue, or seniors who just need some special care, we will be there for them allowing them to keep their regular schedule, sleep in their usual spot, and have the comforts of being home. This creates less stress for your pet family and for you.

Multiple Animal Households

Having a large dog and cat family of our own and working with the rescue, we are used to working with multiple animals on a daily basis. Whether you have one dog or cat or multiple dogs, cats, and some other pets we can be there for you when you need to be away. Our own family has included many different breeds of dogs. The rescue work has allowed us not only to know about different breeds but we have cared for them in our home while in foster care.

We can also provide care for other animals such as horses, alpacas, ducks, geese, and others based on the specific needs of your animal family. Please don’t hesitate to ask.